Building Bridges for Children (BBC) works with the families of rural Cambodian villages to help who-we-are-2them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, training and empowerment.

Cambodian village families have been slowly rebuilding their lives after the Khmer Rouge genocide, but Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Rural areas of Cambodia still face severe poverty, lack of health care, and low levels of education, economic opportunity, and resources. BBC works with YOU to make a huge difference in the lives of these deserving families.

We are not an “aid” organization… We are an empowerment organization. We provide a hand up not a hand out. The concept is Cambodians helping Cambodians, communities helping communities, and families helping families. The result is sustainability within the villages, and replication of the model as village families volunteer to help surrounding villages. The work is comprehensive: We empower the village families to create a sustainable quality of life, helping them have healthy, safe and self sustainable communities.

We employ ONLY native Cambodians as paid staff. ALL international officers, directors and consultants are volunteers who are unpaid. As we are primarily a volunteer organization our overhead is low and and projects do not get implemented unless there are funds in place. So literally 100% of your funding goes into helping the rural village families.



  • Teamwork is always success.
  • Education is a long term investment.
  • Full community participation leads to sustainable development and self reliance.
  • Domestic people are the front forces to combat for their own better life.
  • Child’s rights must be respected and protected.
  • Good stewardship requires good procedures.
  • Experience is our best teacher.
  • Rapid needs call for rapid response

We believe that:

  • Students will achieve a better future with education resulting in better career opportunities.
  • Households in Cambodia will have a better standard of living will no longer be in poverty.
  • Rural villages where every person is treated with dignity and respect, especially children.
  • Community where there is peace and solidarity among people.
  • Good governance and empowerment will completely improve the quality of community life.

Expected Outputs

  1. Community where people live happily with dignity, value and where the environment is respected.
  2. Community where people access the good education and improved economic growth.
  3. Community where children, women and other weaker groups fully attain the needs of life and the ability to become self sufficient.

2013/14 Strategies

GOAL – Community-Based Education

Objective 1: To decrease dropout rates of Cambodian children and to make education accessible to the poorest population.

  1. Increase informal education opportunities to five communities.
  2. Build capacity of community to own education programs and awareness of child care, nutrition and child rights.
  3. Promote State school enrolment.
  4. Promote girls and dropped out students to achieve higher education and stay in school.
  5. Promote and help to improve State preschools and provide materials.

Objective 2: A community-based health care and support system is functioning in all communities served.

  1. Increase awareness of child trafficking issue and law of child trafficking , PHC, HIV/AID, child rights awareness in all communities.
  2. Increase awareness through referral, intervention and networking.
  3. Promote advocacy on law enforcement against child abused (labour, sexual etc.) among communities, authorities and NGOs.

GOAL – Enrichment Courses for State school student and scholarship program.

Objective: Enrichment courses is provided to achieve higher educational achievement

  1. Upgrade the learning quality of students.
  2. Collaborate with foreign and local NGO to increase the quality of teaching techniques and methodologies.
  3. increase the amount of education in subjects including English.
  4. Increase the capacity of teachers to learn skills.
  5. Promote the ability of local communities and parents to strengthen education.
  6. Strengthen the sponsorship and scholarship programs.

GOAL – Community-based income generation and Improve the quality of life

Objective 1: Develop agricultural activities and programs that create self reliance of individuals and communities.


  1. Provide training in techniques of sustainable rice production.
  2. Supports for materials and seeds.
  3. Support the technique of animal raising in communities.

Objective 2 – Partner to build WaSH projects that enhance the quality of life for families.

  1. Drill deep wells for communities that have limited access to portable water.
  2. Drill multi purpose wells for families to use for gardening.
  3. Provide community storage ponds for agricultural purpose.
  4. Support water collection systems to enhance long term storage of water.

Building Bridges for Children is not an AID organization. BBC’s priority is to provide education enhancement to poor children and families and community-based development projects to create healthy, safe and viable communities that are sustainable in the long term. Our staff and advisers have over 100 years of combined experience in the Cambodian education system and in community development.
Mr. Sophalla Orn
Mr. Sophalla OrnExecutive Director
Phalla is a founder of BBC and he has had various skills and expertises for his career as the Executive Director of BBC. He has had various experiences in many international non-profit organization in Cambodia as well as other voluntary community service in Cambodia.

He worked as the Education Advisor for International Relief and Development (IRD-Cambodia), INGO under granting of United State of Department of Agriculture (USDA). Furthermore, he worked with Sustainable Cambodia (SC), INGO for 13 years from the bottom to the top line management level with multi-responsibilities of education and community development program. His last position in SC was the Chief Program Officer (CPO). Apart from his full time work, he has been a Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Pursat since 2004 with rotating many position such as the Club Secretary to Club President. He has received Paul Harris medal from the Rotary International and he has also worked as the National Student Selection Committee for United World Colleges (UWC) since 2004 to recruit and select the students to study abroad. With working experiences, he has gained strong leadership and management in LNGO and INGO to lead the organization successfully. He is dynamic and strong personality with long term vision and commitment in his roles with clear direction and in depth of sustainability approach.

He received a scholarship from Thai Princess Sirindhon for Master Degree of Human Resource Management (MHRM) in Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand and he also graduated Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Management and Economics (UME) in Cambodia. He also earned BBA and BEd in local university. With his careers, he attended many workshop, training, and conferences both inside and outside of the country.



Mr. Colin Philips – International Volunteer Advisor

Colin comes from Colchester in England. He spent his working life as a communications consultant designing and building large international communications infrastructures.
He first came to Cambodia 3 years ago on a tour of South East Asia and in his own words “fell in love” with Cambodia and the Khmer people. He came to Pursat 2 years ago on a 1 year volunteer contract and is still here.

Colin has been part of BBC since its inception in 2013 and is involved in all aspects of BBC’s work.

PartnerslogoKliene-hilfsaktiongoldenleafRotary internationalRoteract clubPursat
  • Rotary Club of Edmonton West, Edmonton Canada
    Partner since 2011
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  • Provincial Governor Office
  • Provincial and District Office of Education
  • The Rotaract Club of the University of Hong Kong, KHUSU
  • NGO Education Partnership (NEP)
  • Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF) Oregon USA
  • Cambodian American Community of Oregon, Oregon USA
  • BOREEBO Organization
  • Planete Urgence, Cambodia
  • Kleine Hilfsaktion, Germany

Building Bridges for Children, BBC, was started in 2012 by five University trained and certified Cambodian teachers. They saw a need as qualified teachers to provide enhanced education opportunities to poor children. BBC currently offers English and a variety of other courses such as computer technology. Located in Pursat Town, Pursat Province, Cambodia, BBC also works in Kandieng District and in other State schools.

BBC has developed four rural preschools for children 3-5 years of age and work in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Youth and State School principals and Rotary Clubs internationally.

In partnerships developed over the years BBC is also providing community supports to rural communities, including water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) and house rehabilitation programs. BBC is a registered Cambodian NGO.

BBC has a Management Board that includes the Founding Executive Director, Orn Sophalla and two international investors from England and Canada. The Board approves budgets and strategic plans. The Senior Advisor from Edmonton, Canada brings 30 years of community development experience to the Board and leads the partnerships with Rotary Clubs. The Senior Adviser from Colchestor England brings a passion for helping people and volunteers to teach English.