Enhanced Education

  • BBC primary goal is to help poor children get the education they deserve. Most children in rural and very poor areas do not have equal access to quality education. BBC through its partnerships has started community preschools for children aged 3-5 in four separate locations around Kandieng District and in Pursat Town in partnership with State Schools.
  • ASEAN, of which Cambodia is a partner, has approved that all curriculum for students include English as a second language. BBC is well equipped with certified teachers in English to offer these classes to students, parents, teachers and government workers.
  • BBC has professionally trained computer technology teachers that can provide lessons in computer and program efficiency.
  • A Child and Youth Club is be established.
  • BBC is a member of the NGO Education Partnership (NEP)

WaSH Projects and Community Development

  • BBC in partnership with Edmonton West and Pursat Rotary Clubs have implemented water, sanitation and hygiene, WaSH, projects for schools and remote communities.
  • BBC has worked with partners in Canada and USA to rehabilitate houses from very poor construction using palm leaf and straw to a more durable corrugated steel siding.
  • BBC has acted as construction manager for many infrastructure projects most notably for Golden Leaf Education Foundation located in Portland Oregon, whose mandate is to build schools in rural areas of Cambodia. In total 4 schools have been built and the Ministry of Education and Youth has taken responsibility to run the schools.
  • BBC works with Commune Councils (CC), School Support Committee (SSC) and villagers to build and strengthen capacity through training and consultation. This results in the community taking responsibility and ownership of development projects in their region.
  • In partnership with Kleine Hilfsaktion, Germany, BBC facilitates with Hospitals and community members to support optometry and dental procedures.
  • BBC is a member of the Working Group Partnership for Decentralization (WGPD) and works closely with Commune Councils.


BBC works to build relationships by working closely with Provincial Office of Education (POE) and District Office of Education (DOE), CC and SSC, principals and teachers and parents to develop sound and sustainable strategies. By doing this plans are integrated and coordinated for consistency. By working collaboratively we build capacity and provide resources so school administrators can implement programs for long term success and sustainability.


BBC works with individual founding investors, donors, and Rotary Clubs to fund the operations, programs and projects. This ensures that BBC will be a fixture of the community and be valued as offering high quality teachers and educational opportunities.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

All programs are based on long term sustainable approaches that result in the transfer of skills and opportunities for communities, schools and families that result in improved socio-economic outcomes and educational attainment.

BBC focuses on empowering the community to realize their dreams and modern aspirations.