Where We Are Located


Pursat Province, Cambodia


Building Bridges for children is located in Pursat Town, a small municipality about 4.5 hours north of Phnom Penh. Pursat has a population of approximately 60,000, with a central market and several blocks of businesses at its core (the infrastructure looks like that of a 5,000-people town). About 5 blocks south of the core of the town there is the 2-lane National Highway #5 that runs between Phnom Penh and Poipet (on the Thai border), passing through Battambang, the second largest city in Cambodia.


Highway 5 has a number of businesses located along it in the 2 or 3 kilometers where it passes through Pursat, and as you drive along Highway 5, passing Pursat on the way to Battambang, we are located on the south side of the river to the left of Highway 5. The main village in which we work is Pralay Thorn are and is in walking distance of the central school and Administration building. We have a pre-school and projects in Kos Brateal (30 Kms away).




If you are interested in volunteering and working with the “Building Bridges for Children” (BBC) organization in Cambodia I can promise you a life-changing experience.


As a volunteer you will be an integral part of the BBC educational enhancement program or community-based development projects. You will get to know and love the families and villages we help. They are hardworking people, who have very little in material possessions, (what they do have they are willing to share with you), but they have great courage and resiliency, and they have a deep desire to improve the quality of their children’s lives. The children will amaze you, they all have a desire to learn it’s a passion with them, they will absorb information like a sponge and you will fall in love with them all.


We’ve found that the volunteer program works better the longer the volunteer can commit. This is because it really takes a while for someone to get settled into the rural Cambodian area where we work. Ideally a period of a minimum of 4 months is preferred. However we also believe that exposure to foreign cultures/ideas can only be good for the children and we are prepared to accept short-term volunteers also.


The “Volunteer Documents” page in the Volunteering section includes a downloadable document – the SC Volunteer Guide – that will give you a great deal of additional information about volunteering When you have studied this information, if you still wish to volunteer, please complete the online Volunteer Application. We will respond as soon as possible but please remember we are all volunteers, many of us with “day jobs”, so sometimes we are a bit slow in following up.


If you are able to volunteer, you will never forget this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, helping people change their lives!


The BBC School


The school is located In the centre of Pursat near the main bridge and currently operates from 8 am – 10 am, and then from 3 pm – 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. Currently classes include English and computers. Government school runs in the morning for some students, and the afternoon for others, depending on the grade level, and the students take classes at both government school and our school. No matter what time you arrive, there will usually be a class you can visit and teachers to meet.




Types of Jobs

Educational Enhancement

We have at one long-term volunteer onsite who will work with you to find a work program that will be fulfilling for you and helpful for the program. You will also meet the Executive Director, the Village Development managers and the Education Manager during your orientation.


It is unusual for a volunteer to conduct full-time classes as we maintain a full-time Cambodian teaching staff and the students are in a year-long course of study at the school. However, volunteers may assist teachers in classes and may run their own classes in English or another relevant subject of their choice, depending upon the needs of the teaching staff. If your experience includes formal teaching, library development or computers, your involvement with the school will be greater. The schedule for teaching depends on the number of existing volunteers on site, but this can be arranged prior to arrival. We also need a great deal of help coordinating student correspondence with sponsors, and this can take a good deal of time


Community-Based Development


BBC’s goal is to help the villagers by providing them with education and resources which enable them to develop sustainable communities in a way that is participatory and self determining. Volunteers can generally help with the organization of the projects and with their monitoring and evaluation. Particularly if volunteers have experience in community development, agriculture, water, sanitation or healthy communities or in any of the project areas, they may be able to implement new ideas and have a greater involvement in the planning of projects.
Volunteers may also provide education and training for the villages if they have a relevant skill. However, the Khmer people do most of the work within the communities, as this is consistent with BBC’s principles. Therefore, hands-on work in the villages will always take place with the Development Manager and with the community.


Current List of Projects


  1. Deep Wells (providing resources to villagers to allow them to drill and maintain water-wells in their communities).
  2. Improving healthcare (through health education & help in providing nutritious food, a healthy environment & care for the sick).
  3. Water storage dugouts (holds water from flooding into the dry season).
  4. Roof top water collection and storage system.
  5. Bio Filter Distribution for schools and families.
  6. Sanitation by building latrines and hand washing stations.
  7. House Rehabilitation for poor families.
  8. Projects under development.
  • Animal pass-on projects (passing on breeding animals among villages for food and income generation).
  • Water distribution for irrigation (plans involve pump building & distribution).
  • Gardening and fish-pond projects for schools and villages.

Volunteers communicate with the onsite staff and volunteers in Pursat to discuss how their skills can contribute to the work of the organisation, depending on the status and needs of the different projects. We also arrange a time with you to arrive on site that will be suitable for everyone.


Time Requirements


We prefer to engage volunteers who can commit to at least 3 full months on site, and the more months you can spend the better. The longer the stay, the more accustomed the volunteer becomes with the staff, the children and the village residents, and the more effective they can be. We do accept volunteers for shorter periods of time and will evaluate your application based on circumstance.


Previous child sponsors are always welcome because we feel their knowledge of the circumstances and children allow them to adapt more quickly.
If you wish to come through for a brief visit rather than participate as one of the volunteer staff, you are very welcome. Simply contact us and let us know the expected dates of your arrival.









If you wish to contact us for more information please send your detailed questions and request for information to Mr. Colin Phillips at