Welcome to Building Bridges for Children

Welcome to Building Bridges for Children (BBC) a Cambodian founded and operated NGO.  BBC is not an AID organization.

It is our goal to share with you the needs, opportunities and modern aspirations of families and rural communities in Pursat Province, Cambodia.

Founded in 2012 by Cambodian educators, BBC has a strong desire to help children get education and as a result their families improve their economic situation.  Working with community members is the only way to determine local priorities and opportunities.

The community is expected to provide seed funding if at all possible to show their support and their desire to be accountable for the education outcomes of their children and the future prosperity of the community as a whole.

Who we are

Building Bridges for Children (BBC) works with the families of rural Cambodian villages to help them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, training and empowerment.

What We Do

Building Bridges for Children (BBC) first and foremost is focused on improving access and completion rates for education.  BBC follows a comprehensive program of development rather than maintaining a narrow scope

What we do

Get Involved

If you’re interested in volunteering with BBC in Cambodia I can promise you a life-changing experience. As a volunteer you will be an integral part of our educational program or community-based development projects.

Work with government, partners, communities and people to enhance self-reliance and sustainability for poor rural people and children, by empowering them to increase their family’s economic situation and children’s education attainment through community development and enhanced education programs designed to improve their quality of life.
To build self-reliant and sustainable communities that are healthy, safe and secure, by supporting children with increased access to quality education and training and develop clean water, proper sanitation and food security for rural communities, so they can improve their socio-economic situation.
To improve the standard of living of poor families and communities through intervention programs that promotes improved educational and socio-economic outcomes for children and families. By collecting qualitative data the model can be used to enhance better outcomes for all Cambodians.

Guiding Principles of Building Bridges for Children

  • Focus on children as future leaders of Cambodia by enhancing their educational opportunities.
  • Empower Cambodian communities to self maintain and improve their quality of life.
  • Create a high quality of life in communities enticing residents to stay and/or return.
  • Assist residents to spread improved practices to other Cambodian communities.
  • Using empowerment model, to raise the economic, educational, environmental and social quality of life for all residents of Cambodia.

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